About Sphalie

My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Sphalie. If you wonder what Shalie means, there is no meaning behind it. It's not a word in any known language but I created it in french. I just tought it sounded right for me. It is pronounced S-FA-LEE.

I'm french Canadian (from Qu├ębec) and speak French and English. I know bits of Spanish but not enough yet to pursue a technical conversation about malas and gemstone. I'm a wife, and mother of two beautiful sons. I'm passionnate about the sun, meeting people of different cultures (travel), rocks and minerals. I have a collection at home. My previous carrer was in the mining industry and I now make gemstone malas. Rock and minerals are part of who I am. I love cooking (especially dessert), living a simple and healthy lifestyle (opposite with baking dessert... but I can't help myself), personal growth and meditation.

In 2009, I dropped my day job out of necessity; I wasn't feeling good anymore. I took some time to heal. I started making jewelry, and malas especially brought me some peace. I healed and set my priorities straight. In 2011, I was ready for new carreer challenges.

Business History

Sphalie officially became a business in 2011 when I start selling on Etsy. Before That, I was having fun making homemade jewelry and helping friends by making them malas for their practice. I experimented a lot and found a way to make malas that would not break easily. During these 2 or 3 years (2009-2012) of experimentation my malas were sold through other websites.

Why did I chose Etsy as a selling platform? The choice wasn't easy, but Esty allows me to keep the focus onto the product rather than technical website updates. I'd rather do work with my hands and go play outside than spend all my time on computer. Etsy is also a huge marketplace filled with ressources, and the community of seller is amazing!

I told you before I wanted to make malas that do not break easily... and I found a way to reach my goal! After hundreds of dollars in research and development, I found THE special thread that I now use. This thread is so special that it could probably be used in spacecraft (just kidding, but it is pretty amazing). See FAQ for more technical information.

Contact information

Online shop www.etsy.com/shop/sphalie

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