What is a mala?
What makes sphalie's malas different?
Chosing a mala
Custom made
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Warranty and refund

What is a mala?

A mala is a prayer necklace that contains 108 beads. Commonly used in Hinduism and Buddhism to count the numbers of prayer repetitions. There are differents Hindu and Buddhist traditions that requires differents kinds of malas. The word "mala" itself means garland in sanskrit.

What makes sphalie's malas different?

After seeing so many broken malas, I built the sturdiest mala on the market. Over many months, I experimented with dozens of different techniques and threads to achieve this objective. I now use a special thread that has no stretch, a phenomenal abrasion resistance and is tested for 50lbs tensile strength.

The malas I make are designed for persistant mantra chanting and counting. Although they look good enough to serve as fashion jewelry, they were concieved for actual practice. They have the right bead spacing for easy counting and folding in 4.

Tassels are 100% genuine silk with a thread size resistant to fraying. They are soft to the touch. Tassels are built-in and won't drop off.

They contain no hard metallic parts and no glue is used during their making.

Knotted or regular, cord won't stretch over time, preserving its length. Beads in knotted malas will never gain slack, remaining as tight as when mala was crafted.

Each bead is inspected. Beads with bumps, unwanted holes, and offround beads are set aside for the #BeadsInTheJarProject, dedicated to help feed people in need.

So, what makes Sphalie's malas special?
• Sturdy
• 100% customizable
• exceptionnal warranty
• experienced craftmanship
• attention to details

How big is the Sphalie team?
I work alone. I do everything.

Chosing a mala

Here is all the technical information that will help you chose your mala.

What is the difference between a knotted mala and a regular mala?

  Regular Knotted
Making beads slide on the string beads are individually secured by a knot
Flexibility folds in 4 maximum very flexible
Waranty 3 months 1 year
Length bead size x 110 approx. 12cm longer than regular mala of same bead size
Space between beads approx 1 bead size slide approx. 1.5mm
If ever string breaks all beads spill on the floor string remains intact, one or two beads lost

What is the length of the different offered malas?
Bead sizes vary from one bead lot to another. Expect a variation of more or less 5cm on a 108 beads mala length. Lengths shown below are all around string measurements taken on ready to ship malas. Tassel drop not included.

  Wood Stone - regular Stone - knotted
  cm in cm in cm in
6mm 71 28 71 28 82 32
8mm 85 34 85 34 100 40
10mm 108 42 N/A N/A 122 48
12mm 130 51 N/A N/A 148 58

To know which size of mala is good for you, put a twine behind your neck with both ends hanging in front. Adjust the twine to the approximate desired mala length and cut. Measure the twine flat and find the corresponding bead size and style in the table above.

Picture below is a visual reference for wood malas, regular stone malas, and knotted stone malas. My height is 5'2". (1m58)

What are my tassel color choices?

What do stones look like?
Search the stone name inside my shop to see the malas made with this particular kind of stone. Every computer screen and mobile device displays colors differently. Actual mala color may slightly vary from what you see on screen.

I do not know the properties of stones. Could Sphalie help me to find the right stone for me?
Yes. I do not know the properties of each and every stone by heart but I know many and I have the ressources available to help you. Contact me with your needs and I will be happy to guide you through the process of choosing a stone that is right for you.

Custom made

What is a custom made mala?
A custom made mala is a mala made just for you. It could be build from scratch with beads of your choice that I assemble in the pattern of your choice.

It designates also a mala that is different from the photo provided on Etsy. For example, if the tassel in the photo is black and you choose a red tassel, this choice make your mala a customized one.

How to order a customized mala?
For simple customization, such as changing the tassel color, you can do this change directly through the Etsy form as you checkout.

For any other customization, the best is to contact me with your requirements or preferences and we will work togheter to create the mala of your dreams. I speak french as my primary language and very well in english. Although I know some spanish, I am not fluent enough to provided this service in Spanish.


When will my mala ship?
Unless specified "ready to ship", your mala is made to order. This means I will make it especially for you when I receive your order. Head time is usually 3 to 5 business days but could be more during high order seasons. You will be notified if this is the case.

When will I receive my mala?
When completed, your mala will ship to the address provided on the order. Regular mail takes approximately 10 to 35 business days worldwide. Faster shipping options are availableat additionnal costs.
Regular shipping rates are based on average costs and no refunds are made for overpaid shipping fees.


How do I care for my mala?
Although it will not appear at first, reapeted contact with chemicals (such as sweat, salt, soaps, chlorine, body lotions, perfume) may alter the appearance and integrity of the stones and the thread. This is why I advise you not to wear your mala while training, swimming, cleaning the house, showering, ...

You can clean your mala once in a while with a mild detergent (delicate laundry detergent will work just fine). You can immerse completely your mala in a bowl of water containing a drop of detergent or simply wash with a cloth. Rinse and suspend to dry. Make sure the tassel keeps a nice shape by pressing out the excess water with your fingers and giving it its desired shape. You can also pat it dry with a towel and hang it to finish drying.

Stone cleaning?
See above for whole mala cleaning. If you want to clean the beads only, use a damp cloth with a drop of detergent. Be sure you rinse with a detergent free damp cloth right after.

Tassel cleaning?
See above for the whole mala cleaning. If you want, you can clean your tassel only, just wet it under warm running water. Use a drop of mild detergent between your fingers to lather. Rinse off under warm running water. Press excess water with your fingers and pat dry with a towel. Hang your mala to dry completly.

Security Information

About strangulation danger: Sphalie's malas are made with 50lbs tested thread. Your mala won't break so there is danger of strangulation. Do not sleep or operate machinery while wearing your mala. Safely tuck away your mala from anything in movement.

Warranty and refund

I do not like the mala I received, what are my options?
Firstly, you need to contact me through Etsy with your invoice number. In that message, you should provide reasons why your mala is not to your satisfaction. If the mala is exactly as photographed, you will receive instructions on how to get a full refund of the price of the product (shipping charges aren't refunded). Any refunds are made only when I receive the mala, unused and in good condition.

Customized mala refund policy
For custom made malas, you should have agreed and approved the mala prior to shipment. If you receive it and don't like it, you will be refunded only the labor part of the mala (which represent a different % of the price of the item depending on the product ordered.) See the listings in my shop for stringning a mala and knotting a mala for the actual values of the labor.

What is covered by the warranty?
The warranty covers against breakage of the thread only. If your mala breaks when it is still under warranty, I will repair it for free. You must contact me, and I will provide an address for shipping the mala to me, at your expense. I will ship it back to you at my expense.

Stone wear and aging is normal with usage.

How long is my mala under warranty?
Regular malas are under warranty for 3 months after purchase.
Knotted malas are under warranty for one year after purchase.


My mala broke. How can I have it repair?
Contact me through Etsy with your invoice number. I'll give you all the information needed to have it repair. If you have all your beads, the labor part + shipping will be charged to you if the mala isn't under warranty anymore.

Can Sphalie repair a mala I got from another shop?
Absolutely! Contact me first through Etsy. If you have all your beads, you will be charged only the labor part + shipping.
If your mala has a complicated design, make sure you include all the infrmation needed for me to make it like new.

Can Sphalie make a mala with beads I already own?
Absolutely! Contact me first through Etsy. If you have all the beads, you will be charged only the labor part + shipping.


Are wholesales accepted?
Yes. Certains conditions applies.

What are the wholesales policies?
Wholesale policies will be given individually upon request.